Muscle Therapy

Is a Danish company that started 7 years ago. We started Muscle Therapy to provide every horse owner, rider, trainer, groom and horse lover a way to treat and help their own horses.

Massage for the muscles

We use vibration massage to get a comfortable but also very effective deep tissue massage. Vibrating massage is non-invasive relaxing massage therapy. It loosens and stimulates deep muscle tissue without side effects. The body’s natural healing process is accelerated and the immune system is stimulated. The effect of using Muscle Therapy improves blood circulation, which helps the body to recover more efficiently. Vibrating massage is a relaxing, effective and pain-relieving treatment.

Increases Blood Circulation

Muscle therapy uses 16 vibration massage motors located from tail to ear. The effect of the massage increases the blood circulation and warms up the muscles on the horse's topline. The massage encourages an increase in oxygenation around the body by increasing blood circulation. An increase in oxygenation can increase muscular energy, reduce muscular fatigue and keep muscles strong and healthy. Increasing the availability of oxygen through blood flow increases the energy available for the muscle to use. Increasing energy helps to maximize performance as muscles will tire and fatigue less easily. Muscle soreness can be reduced when oxygenation is increased. Using Muscle Therapy before and after training keeps muscles strong and healthy.

Our Team.

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