Muscle Therapy Massage

The Muscle Therapy Equine horse massage rug is an innovative product designed to provide therapeutic benefits to both horses and their owners. This specialized rug utilizes various massage techniques, such as vibrations and pulsations, to promote relaxation, circulation, and muscle recovery in horses.

For horses, the Muscle Therapy Equine rug can help alleviate muscle tension, reduce stiffness, and enhance overall well-being. It may also aid in preventing injuries and improving flexibility, making it particularly beneficial for performance and working horses. The gentle massage provided by the rug can contribute to a calmer demeanor and reduced anxiety in some horses as well.

Owners also experience positive effects from using the Muscle Therapy Equine rug. By promoting muscle health and reducing the risk of soreness, the rug can contribute to a more comfortable and productive riding experience. Additionally, regular use of the rug may foster a stronger bond between the horse and its owner, as the massage sessions can be a soothing and bonding activity.

Overall, the Muscle Therapy Equine horse massage rug offers a win-win situation, benefiting both the horse and its owner by promoting physical well-being, relaxation, and enhancing the human-animal connection.

Increases blood circulation

The effect of massage increases the horses blood circulation and warms the muscles on the horse’s top line. The massage increase oxygenation around the body by increasing blood circulation. An increase in oxygenation increase muscle energy, reduce muscle fatigue and keep muscles strong and healthy. Increased energy helps maximize performance as muscles become less tired and fatigue. Using Muscle Therapy before and after training keeps the muscles strong and healthy.

SPECIALITY of Our Product

1. Powerful

The system has 22 massage motors

2. Runs on Battery

The battery last for up tp 15 horse treatments

3. Removable neck piece

Can be used without the neck piece

4. Washable

Remove motors and wash in machine at 40°c.

5. Breathable fabric

Made with breathable fabric so can be used on wet horses

6. Adjustable

Can be easily adjusted to different horse sizes

Muscle Therapy Massage

Muscle therapy uses 22 vibration massage motors to provide a full body massage. Vibrating massage is non-invasive relaxing massage therapy. It loosens and stimulates deep muscle tissue without side effects. The body’s natural healing process is accelerated and the immune system is stimulated. The effect of using muscle therapy improves blood circulation, which helps the body recover more efficiently. Vibrating massage is a relaxing, effective and pain-relieving treatment.

  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved flexibility and suppleness
  • Reduce pain, inflammation, and stress on the body
  • Improve blood circulation and regeneration
  • Has a calming effect on those prone to stress
  • See the effect from the first time you use it