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Muscle Therapy Optimum

  • Full body massage & infrared therapy
  • More energy
  • Warm-up & cool down
  • Active recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Portable
  • Immediate effect

Muscle Therapy Equine

  • Massage therapy from tail to ears
  • Warm-up & cool down
  • Recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Remove tension
  • Immediate effect

Pain relief in the comfort of your own home

Infrared Lamps
Massage program
Therapy program
Massage engines

Customer Survey

More energy
Less stiffness
Less pain
More relaxed

Customer Reference

"I use Muscle Therapy Optimum to relieves my pain from my fibromyalgia, I use it daily and can cut down on pain medication"
Fibromyalgi patient
"My horses are much more supple and relaxed to ride after using the Muscle Therapy Equine"
Camilla Mortensen
Show jumper
"Muscle Therapy Optimum is a great supplement to my workout, helping my body recovery. I use it for warm up, cool down and recovery "
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