Use Muscle Therapy for


Use daily to warm up the horse muscles before training. In 15 minutes the 16 massage motors warm up the horses topline. This makes the training easier, safer, and more effective.


Use after training to remove the lactic acid that has formed in the muscles. This prevents stiff and sore muscles and promotes healing and builds muscle tissue faster.


For rehabilitation use therapy programs 1 hour, a day when the horse is on box rest or days off. This will treat acute and chronic conditions and reduce recovery time.

Muscle Therapy Equine Massage

Muscle Therapy uses 16 vibration massage motors to provide a full body massage.

It loosens and stimulates deep muscle tissue without side effects.

The effect of using Muscle Therapy improves blood circulation, which helps the body to recover more efficiently.

Vibrating massage is a relaxing, effective and pain-relieving treatment.

Increases Blood Circulation

The effect of the massage increases the blood circulation and warm-up the horse's topline.

The massage increase muscular energy, reduce muscular fatigue and keep muscles strong and healthy.

Increasing energy helps to maximize performance as muscles will tire and fatigue less easily.

Using Muscle Therapy before and after training keeps muscles strong and healthy.

The effect

You can see the effect by the horse licking, chewing, yawning and sleeping.

The effect of using the warm-up massage program is a more supple and flexible horse .

When used after training the effect will be seen the next day as the horse is not as stiff from the training the day before.

The long time effect of using it before and after training will be to build faster and stronger muscles.


  • Joao Moreira

    We are very happy with our MuscleTherapy system! We really feel a positive difference in the horses. 
    We use it on our competition horses for warming up and the horses give us a much better feeling when they start the working session. The muscles are already relaxed and the tensions dissolved. 
    The muscle recovery program is also very effective as a post-training tool especially after an intense working session. It promotes a better rest as the horses experience a deeper muscular relaxation and that will allow a better performance the next day.


    We can not do without our massage blanket for our wellness horses, it makes our work as Aqua trainers much easier. It loosens tension and helps restore the horse's muscles after aqua training.  We also use it for all our horses who come in who are about to start a rehabilitation program with box rest - here we use the therapy programs on the massage system which promotes healing and reduces the chance of colic. Our horses and our team are incredibly happy with Muscle Therapy.


    Show Jumper
    “My horses are much more flexible and relaxed after using Muscle Therapy Equine”


    Dressage rider
    "Muscle therapy Equine is an indisposable tool for training and at competitions"